Zenfie, Mindfulness Meditation

Zenfie, Mindfulness Meditation

By Second Wind

Zenfie, Mindfulness MeditationZenfie, Mindfulness MeditationZenfie, Mindfulness MeditationZenfie, Mindfulness MeditationZenfie, Mindfulness Meditation

Zenfie is an app to learn and follow mindfulness meditation.

Use Zenfie to discover or rediscover mindfulness meditation: rest, relax, better handle your stress, be extra present and improve focus on a everyday foundation.

The discovery programme presents you ten totally different ten minute periods, completely free. So for 10 ten days, Zenfie will turn into your associate with a daily guided meditation session.

Some of the themes coated in these preliminary 10 meditation classes which allow you to be more zen and enhance rest and rest include: meditation positions, body maps, consideration to respiration, consciousness of sensation and feeling, letting go, inside peace...

Once you full the mindfulness discovery programme, you will be able to continue your mindfulness meditation with Zenfie (through the Initiation after which Advanced modules).

The follow of mindfulness meditation has been recognised and validated by numerous scientific studies: meditation is likely one of the finest pure methods of combatting the effects of stress and enhancing rest and rest. What’s more, meditation offers excellent results for these suffering from sleep or mood problems, as properly as depression.

After two to a few months of regular meditation, significant effects may be seen, each psychological and bodily.

This simple activity, dropped at your smartphone by Headspace, requires time and dedication, but significantly improves high quality of life. It will help you to appreciate good times, to take inventory when occasions are robust, to really feel more relaxed and to remain or become zen, whatever the circumstances!

Zenfie will be by your aspect that will assist you attain your private goals, with its guided meditation modules in English. Zenfie will become your partner in meditation and in:

- Letting go

- Sleeping higher and reclaiming sleep

- Improving relaxation and rest, higher managing stress

- Improving self-confidence

- Improving your interpersonal relationships

- Improving your concentration in sports

- Unguided meditation with enjoyable music

A Zenfie Kids module: “Meditation for Kids” can also be out there for children between 3 and 6 years outdated, as is a Zenfie Junior module for youngsters between 7 and 14.

As nicely as the step by step mindfulness meditation learner programme, follow and tailor-made modules, Zenfie also comes with several guided sessions which you can go through as many occasions as you want. For instance:

- Rest and relaxation session

- Imminent stress SOS session

- Wake up session to begin out the day on the right foot

- Before mattress session

- Musical sessions

We are regularly increasing the Zenfie meditation offering. You can also entry our online neighborhood, and contribute matters that matter to you, which is able to help us to develop new mindfulness meditation sessions better tailored to your wants.

With Zenfie installed in your smartphone or tablet, you probably can download the sessions and meditate wherever and whenever you want. You may even meditate on public transport!

About the author

Jean Doridot is a French psychologist, specialising in private growth. Author of numerous reference works, and with lots of of 1000's of views on YouTube, you could be accompanied by Jean in every of the guided classes he has created.

Rest, rest, zen, letting go, stress management, focus: nice meditation periods with Zenfie!

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