SteadyTemp Smart Thermometer

SteadyTemp Smart Thermometer

By SteadySense

SteadyTemp Smart ThermometerSteadyTemp Smart Thermometer

SteadyTemp – The continuous measurement thermometer.

SteadyTemp is an intelligent medical thermometer. The temperature measuring system consists of a sensor, embedded in an adhesive skin patch, which continuously measures body temperature over several days and the supporting app. The sensor patch measures and saves several hundred temperature readings which could be downloaded by way of NFC to the SteadyTemp app. NFC expertise is best known for its use in tap-and-go contactless cost, it is radiation free, protected from third party interference and is available on most smartphones. The app displays the temperature measurement readings as curves which may indicate temperature developments, these could be shared shortly with medical professionals for interpretation and the suitable motion can be taken promptly. The app can be used to document the body temperature of several customers - good for the whole family in home use or a team of key staff in the workforce. One patch could be worn for as a lot as 10 days.

The SteadyTemp sensor patches are:

More precise than a traditional thermometer (accuracy: 0.1°C)

Radiation free - information transmission via NFC

Skin-friendly and waterproof

Designed for residence use – no medical data needed.

Quick and straightforward to use

SteadyTemp is a registered trademark of SteadySense GmbH

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