Prospre: Meal Planner, Macro Counter Groceries

Prospre: Meal Planner, Macro Counter Groceries

By Prospre Nutrition Inc.

Prospre: Meal Planner, Macro Counter GroceriesProspre: Meal Planner, Macro Counter GroceriesProspre: Meal Planner, Macro Counter GroceriesProspre: Meal Planner, Macro Counter GroceriesProspre: Meal Planner, Macro Counter Groceries

Create the right food regimen in seconds. Using your goals and favorite foods, Prospre will routinely plan your meals for the week and tell you exactly what to buy in the grocery store.

Prospre can create a meal plan that accommodates any quantity of energy, protein, fat, and carbs. We make meal planning and meal prep easy, so that you now not have to fret about whether or not you will get sufficient protein, or keep under your fat goal. We are greater than a meals diary or diet tracker. Why observe macros or count calories when you can create a plan to hit your objectives every time?

Follow our easy recipes and prep your food prematurely; Prospre is the best method to stick to your food regimen and achieve your fitness goals. Our meal plans are packed with micronutrients and are designed to be as healthy as possible. They are usually low sugar, excessive fiber, and low sodium. Whether you wish to slim down, get shredded, bulk up, or increase power, our meal plans might help you get there.


Meal Plan Generation

• Tell us what recipes you want using the thumbs up/down option

• Set your calorie and macronutrient goals

• Create an instant customized meal plan with one click

• Regenerate days, or swap out meals to get the right plan!

Macro Tracker and Food Diary

• Log foods as you eat them and keep track of your intake

• Get detailed daily totals of nutritional information (macronutrients and micronutrients)

• Search our database or use our barcode scanner to trace your food.

Automatic Grocery Lists

• Get a complete grocery listing with the amounts you have to observe your plan

• Buy all of your groceries on Amazon Fresh with one click

Fit in Treats

• Track a treat and your plan will automatically regulate to make sure you nonetheless hit your macro goals

AI Coach

• Reach your health objectives with the assistance of our AI Coach

• Get recommendations in your macronutrient targets that change with your progress

Check out what Prospre might help you do:

Get the Results You Want

Whether you're a bodybuilder looking to get jacked, or a new mother or father who desires to stay wholesome, there are macronutrient targets that will allow you to obtain your aim.

Prospre doesn’t depend on fad diets. We simply make good nutrition easy. Because Prospre can make a meal plan for any calorie and macronutrient combination, we can make the proper food regimen for any goal.

Eat the Foods You Like

Create a meal plan that you actually want to comply with. Prospre tailor your plan to suit your tastes.

Only your “liked” recipes might be used in your plan. If you aren’t within the temper for something in your plan, regenerate that meal. If a complete day isn’t to your liking, regenerate that day. If you are craving a chunk of pizza that isn’t in your plan, use the “fit into plan” characteristic. The rest of your day will mechanically adjust to fit that pizza into your objectives.

Save Time, Money, and Reduce Your Food Waste

Prospre’s computerized grocery lists will help you buy the correct amount of meals in your next grocery run.

Select the date range you want to purchase groceries for, and we will tell you the precise quantity of every ingredient that you'll want to follow your meal plan. No more throwing out food since you bought too much or forgot to eat it before its expiration date.

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Prospre is here that will assist you meet your fitness goals, however the information in this app isn't intended as medical advice. Always seek the assistance of a medical skilled before making any choices about your health.

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