Posture Changer

Posture Changer

By SnoreCare KMS

Posture ChangerPosture Changer

This is an app for detecting and stopping the nightly supine place. Via vibration and/or acoustic stimuli of the worn smartphone a change of position of the sleeping person is achieved. However, a medical examination of loud night time breathing or breathing stops within the supine place must still be carried out.


Display of the sleeping position in real time

Sleep statistics

Chronological archive of recordings with further functions

Variable start delay for the falling asleep process

Manual activation and deactivation of recording / vibration

Automatically cease and save of recording when battery energy is critical


The app detects the physique place using the rotation vector sensor and, when sleeping in a supine position, reacts with growing vibration depth, which causes the sleeper to vary his sleeping position.

Benefits of use:

The supine place during sleep is particularly problematic for loud night breathing and apnea patients. From a scientific viewpoint, sleeping in a supine place will increase the narrowing of the higher respiratory tract as a outcome of slackened muscular tissues. This normally results in a pronounced loud night time breathing and apnea behaviour. Avoiding the supine place can therefore be helpful for those affected. This app might help to analyse the personal sleeping positions and proper them if necessary. With the help of the vibration operate, a jerky wake-up is prevented and as a substitute a gentle change in sleeping place is stimulated. Regular use of the app can be helpful for focused sleeping place training.

Recommended use:

Use this app with an acceptable chest strap. Activate airplane mode to save power and decrease possible emissions. The battery must be charged over 90% before use.

For more data:

This app was developed on the Faculty of Information Technology at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and has been efficiently examined in a trial period by a number of test persons. The paid Posture Changer version is free of advertising and has no hidden costs. The demo version permits only a restricted use of the total model (only one recording, with out storage possibility) and is also freed from charge and with out advertising.

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