Yoga daily fitness - Yoga workout plan

Yoga daily fitness - Yoga workout plan

By SEStudio

Yoga daily fitness - Yoga workout planYoga daily fitness - Yoga workout planYoga daily fitness - Yoga workout planYoga daily fitness - Yoga workout plan


The greatest free software to learn and follow YOGA with step by step instructions!

Don't just do something - sit there!

Yoga is an ancient artwork based mostly on a harmonizing system of development for the physique, mind, and spirit. The continued follow of yoga will lead you to a sense of peace and well-being, and also a sense of being at one with their surroundings.

The Benefits of Yoga:

• Improves your flexibility

• Builds muscle strength

• Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

• Protects your spine

• Betters your bone health

• Increases your blood flow

• Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity

• Ups your coronary heart rate

• Helps you focus

• Relaxes your system, Improves your balance

• Maintains your nervous system

• Helps you sleep deeper


This application included many instruction and tips of Yoga. Help you be taught Yoga simpler, make you stronger.

This included many poses of Yoga with step-by-step instructions:

- Mermaid Pose, Bound Angle

- Warrior pose

- Cobra Pose

- Dancer Pose, Seated Boat

- Tree Pose

- Standing Back Bend

- Back Bend

- Reclining Leg Pose

- Reverse Plank

- Leg Hold

- Head to Knee

- Standing Forward Bend, Superman pose

- Inverted Triangle

- Half Moon Balance

- Bow Pose, Eagle Pose

) 30 Day Yoga with videos

) Yoga music for relax

) Add alarm to reminder time for Yoga

) Free Yoga fitness


Enjoy it!

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