Water Reminder - Remind Drink Water

Water Reminder - Remind Drink Water

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Water Reminder - Remind Drink WaterWater Reminder - Remind Drink WaterWater Reminder - Remind Drink WaterWater Reminder - Remind Drink WaterWater Reminder - Remind Drink Water

Reminds you to drink water, a fantastic software that care for your well being.

Let drink water remind you to drink water should you at all times forget it. The best healthcare software for you. And it's very free.

If you're too busy to recollect having to drink sufficient and often, don't worry, there's drink water that will assist you clear up that drawback.

Drink water reminder is an application with major function is to assist us hold water tracker we want to replenish and water consuming reminder in time. Users solely want to pick out a gender and enter a weight quantity, it's going to allow you to calculate how a lot water must you drink per day. You also can tracker water history, reach your day by day objective to open the respective achievements, and a lot of other useful functions, ... Water consuming reminder will help you build an excellent behavior with wholesome physique.

* Main features :

- Easy to make use of, stunning interface.

- Based on gender, weight will let you know the way a lot water should drink a day.

- Human body graphics to drinking water tracker

- Diverse menu of nearly 20 different drinks.

- Can select the amount of water every time.

- Smart reminder: time mode go to bed so you aren't getting drink water reminder.

- Water tracker by week, month and year within the chart

- Can adjust the quantity of drinking water in the past.

- Can possibility interval time receive drink water reminder message

- Achievements to encourage you to accomplish your every day objective.

- Allows integration of knowledge into health application.

With many benefits of drinking water such as weight reduction, healthy pores and skin, lowered fatigue and stopping many diseases, ... an drink water reminder software is extremely helpful and needed. So, drink water is sort of a companion to your health. Use now to your water tracker.

If you need to hold healthy, drink enough. Want to drink enough, install water consuming reminder ! If you're feeling this water consuming reminder software is useful, share it with your friends and family. Above all, we are excited and hope to obtain your suggestions or ideas for we are able to full and develop this app within the subsequent version.Any feedback please send to my email

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Main features of our reminder app:???? Tracker and diary of drink’s intake???? Simple and comfortable interface ???? Caffeine rules???? Reminder with alarm???? Record your daily water intake???? Drink constructor❗The app now supports Wear OS.


Water is essential to our life, drinking sufficient and proper amount of water is significant for our well being. Water Reminder by VGFIT will allow you to to calculate, how a lot water your body wants, will observe your hydration and gently remind you to drink water to meet your goal.*...