Medio : Meditation, Sleep Sounds Relax Music

Medio : Meditation, Sleep Sounds Relax Music

By Bazimo

Medio : Meditation, Sleep Sounds Relax MusicMedio : Meditation, Sleep Sounds Relax Music

The excellent app for mindfulness falling asleep.

Get rid of insomnia, nervousness, stress with Sleep Sounds app, created to make your life simpler let you help sleep like a baby!

The science of sound and sleep

There are pure calibrated sounds, melodies music mixes, that assist you to loosen up as a result of they are fixed noises of a nice pitch. Your mind interprets them as non-threatening noises, which helps reduce your fight-or-flight response, lowers your stress degree helps you become extra relaxed for sleep.

Daily guided meditation tracks will assist you to loosen up do away with anxiousness, stress be mindful.

Relaxing Sounds Melodies for Sleeping

– Nature sounds (Forest, Cave, Fire, Wind, Snow and so forth )

– Water sounds (Rain, Wind, Storm, Waves, Thunder)

– Animal Sounds(Bird, Owl, Cricket, Cat, Whales)

– White noise for baby sleep( Brown noise, White noise, Pink noise)

– Yoga Music, Zen Music, Meditation many more

– Guided Meditation programs for Mindfulness

Key features :

- 30 HD sounds

- 80 Meditation tracks

- Aesthetic design

- Create mix your personal sounds

- Relax meditate

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