Brain Wave Therapy Pro (Binaural)

Brain Wave Therapy Pro (Binaural)

By Black Coffee Programming

Brain Wave Therapy Pro (Binaural)Brain Wave Therapy Pro (Binaural)Brain Wave Therapy Pro (Binaural)Brain Wave Therapy Pro (Binaural)Brain Wave Therapy Pro (Binaural)

Brain Wave Therapy Pro, for Mind, Body and Spirit.

A means to improve yourself… ( Now With No Ads! )

• Energy

• Concentration

• Creativity

• Motivation

• Relaxation

• Meditation

• Sleep

… and a lot more!

Achieve the psychological state you need with the assistance of Binaural Beats and meditation.

Combined with ambient sounds and music to stimulate leisure,

Brain Wave Therapy can actually assist you…

• Improve logic and critical considering.

• Enhance Memory.

• Sleep simply.

• Meditate to search out your inner peace.

• Experience Lucid Dreams, Chakra Activation and Self therapeutic.

• Alleviate Stress and Anxiety.

• Build your Confidence.

One beat at a time.

Try it out and you'll benefit!


• Use headphones for a greater sound expertise


• Don't use this app whereas driving or working heavy equipment.

• Do not hear to these sounds at high volume.

• Do not use the Wave generator without a head-set. It could cause damage to the cellular gadget speaker.

Benefit from 5 different wavelength sounds:

• Delta Waves 0.5 - 4 hertz (*binaural beat)

• Theta Waves 6 - 10 hertz (*binaural beat)

• Alpha Waves 7.5 - 12.5 hertz (*binaural beat)

• Beta Waves 12.5 - 30 hertz (*binaural beat)

• Gamma Waves forty - 100 hertz (*binaural beat)

You can use:

• Delta Waves: that can help you Sleep Deeply.

• Theta Waves: that will assist you reach a state of Deep Meditation.

• Alpha Waves: that may allow you to attain a way of peace and enhance your creativity.

• Beta Waves: that impacts your left brain hemisphere and will increase your vitality and focus.

(*caution! Too many Beta Waves could result in stress)

• Gamma Waves: that can improve memory operate and the power to study rapidly.

*binaural beat: is the difference of left and proper ear audible frequency! For instance, base frequency of a hundred hertz in left ear and a shifted frequency of 104 hertz in the best ear will produce a 4 hertz binaural beat.

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Brain Wave Therapy, for Mind, Body and Spirit.A method to improve yourself…• Energy• Concentration• Creativity• Motivation• Relaxation• Meditation• Sleep… and a lot more!Achieve the psychological state you need with the help...


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