Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking Counter

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking Counter

By A7-studio

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking CounterQuit Smoking - Stop Smoking CounterQuit Smoking - Stop Smoking CounterQuit Smoking - Stop Smoking CounterQuit Smoking - Stop Smoking Counter

If you wish to give up smoking, then this utility is what you actually need!

The utility lets you watch:

- how much time has handed since you smoked your last cigarette.

- the variety of cigarettes that you just did not smoke.

- the amount of cash saved.

- the amount of tar and nicotine that did not enter your physique.

- how much time you saved.

- how long have you ever extended your life.

Besides, with this application:

- you might set your objectives and observe progress towards your goals;

- you're going to get methods of quitting tobacco, the key concepts of the method invented by Allen Carr;

- you could monitor the advance of your well being;

- you'll have the information about the advantages of quitting smoking;

- you might learn the outline of more than 80 illnesses attributable to smoking;

- you will know the information concerning the harm brought on by smoking;

- you'll know the advantages of quitting;

- you're going to get ideas for a former smoker;

- you'll get pleasure from quotes about tobacco;

- you'll entry checks and calculators for smokers;

- you will see pictures, demotivators and movies concerning the hurt brought on by tobacco.

The software has a stylish and simply customizable desktop widget, allowing you to shortly entry the knowledge you have an interest in.

Be conscious that anyone can stop smoking!

Let's give up smoking together!

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