Zone Diet Pro

Zone Diet Pro

By FrackStudio

Zone Diet ProZone Diet ProZone Diet ProZone Diet ProZone Diet ProZone Diet ProZone Diet Pro

Calculate your needs and compose your meal of the Zone Diet and the Paleo Zone in a number of moments!

- Calculation of the Blocks.

- More than 600 meals already entered! You can also CHANGE and ADD new foods.

- Calculation of the protein REALLY ASSIMILATED (PDCAAS)*.

- Calculate your lean mass, fat mass and desires directly in blocks.

- ZONE DIET PRO is Very simple and helpful.

- Configurable measurement units.

- Calculation of calories (kcal), proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

- Saving your favourite meals.

- Export and Import perform of the Database.

- Sharing the meal operate.

Source of the meals database: IEO - European Institute of Oncology.

The compiler of the Zone Diet (Paleolithic diet, paleo food plan...) can additionally be used by CrossFit athletes.

With the Zone Diet can lose weight and hold fit.

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We invite you to send us an e mail through the app (for recommendations or problems) before putting a negative rating. We shall be prepared to contemplate any request.

The Zone Diet, like all diets normally, must be adopted by a physician.

* It is not considered the association of two incomplete protein sources but complementary.

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