Sitting Cardio

Sitting Cardio

By Tommyflower

Sitting CardioSitting CardioSitting CardioSitting CardioSitting CardioSitting CardioSitting Cardio

-Workout and burn energy sitting in your bed

-Funny exercises

-Engaging music

-Different levels and duration

-Motivational quotes with each workout

-keeps monitor of your workouts

I created this app during an ankle injury restoration. It's exhausting to keep training when you're harm, but it's really important to not stop to recuperate sooner.

If for any reason you can not stand, it does not mean you must hand over your wholesome quantity of daily physical exercise.

Sitting Cardio options workout routines for the upper body that can tone your arms, shoulders, pectorals and back, but at the identical time will make you sweat and burn energy.

Exercising the upper physique is also known to assist eliminating excess liquids from the lower body, so don’t worry should you can’t use your legs muscle tissue for some time, these exercises will maintain you match until you probably can stroll and exercise your full physique again.

You can do these workouts whereas sitting on the bed or on a comfortable chair without armrests.

You will burn energy, tone your arms and enhance blood circulation, also bettering drainage in the decrease physique.

These workouts may be helpful even when you don’t have problems but you're feeling more tired than usual and prefer to coach sitting down.

I tried to make the workouts enjoyable however efficient. If initially you find them too intense, do what you'll be able to and proceed to maneuver with the music till you're ready to start again.

The app options quick or lengthy workouts for various ranges of health.

Before beginning any bodily exercise seek the guidance of your doctor. Show the type of training you will do and ask him whether it is suitable for you and your state of well being.

For any info, advice or to report bugs, please email me at [email protected]

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