Dawn Uprising: Battle Ship Defense

Dawn Uprising: Battle Ship Defense

By VascoGames

Dawn Uprising: Battle Ship DefenseDawn Uprising: Battle Ship DefenseDawn Uprising: Battle Ship DefenseDawn Uprising: Battle Ship DefenseDawn Uprising: Battle Ship DefenseDawn Uprising: Battle Ship DefenseDawn Uprising: Battle Ship Defense

Battle Royale ain’t seen nothing yet!

The Battle Grid is yours on this publish World War 2 era. Different enemy battleships are trying to get one of the last Headquarters of the allied forces. It’s your job, as the Battle Ship Commander, to hold of these forces and construct up your forces and defenses!

Strategy blended with full scale Warships.

You’d suppose this may be simple. Build some turrets to the left, some rocket launchers to the right and your headquarters might be secure. To bad for your that this isn’t the case in Dawn Uprising : Battle Ship Defense. You will be defending the HQ towards several sorts of Warships. There are those who are fairly quick, and people who are massive, robust and slow. Implement totally different sorts of methods and you’ll be the victor, no doubt!

Epic Game Features:

30 of Battleship Defense missions!

A new approach to play Tower Defense games!

Buy ships, turrets and upgrades!

Survive the rampaging opposing drive and construct up your Empire.

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