1941 Frozen Front Premium

1941 Frozen Front Premium

By HandyGames

1941 Frozen Front Premium1941 Frozen Front Premium1941 Frozen Front Premium1941 Frozen Front Premium1941 Frozen Front Premium1941 Frozen Front Premium1941 Frozen Front Premium

Lead German forces on the rise in the course of the East or defend mom Russia on the Soviet aspect. Choose the best tactic of warfare and earn your stripes as an ingenious Commander at the FROZEN FRONT!


Experience mind-blowing World War 2 battles in the sensible new army STRATEGY-sim by HandyGames™!


FIGHT via the bone-chilling cold of the 1941 Eastern Front!

COMBAT enemy positions with tanks and infantry!

SHOOT hostile headquarters with mighty bomber wings!

EMPLACE your artillery in tough terrain!

SUPPLY your military with goods and ammunition!

DEFEND your self in opposition to superior numbers of enemies!


Turn-based technique action in WW2

Thrilling campaigns and challenging missions

Hot-Hand multiplayer battles

Historical German and Soviet units

Repairs, camouflage and fortification of items through the battles

Infantry, artillery, tanks and warplanes for each fractions

Hex grid for the most effective overview possible

Detailed graphics and super-realistic sounds

Full tablet support

Supports Google Play game services

Audio powered by Dolby on supported devices


Thank you for taking half in 1941 Frozen Front!

© HandyGames 2019

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