Epic War: Thrones 1st Anniv.

Epic War: Thrones 1st Anniv.

By Archosaur Games

Epic War: Thrones 1st Anniv.Epic War: Thrones 1st Anniv.Epic War: Thrones 1st Anniv.Epic War: Thrones 1st Anniv.Epic War: Thrones 1st Anniv.Epic War: Thrones 1st Anniv.Epic War: Thrones 1st Anniv.

Play as a lord in the Three Kingdoms and lead your army to beat the chaotic land. Build your metropolis, research applied sciences, and increase territories to spice up resource manufacturing. Arm your loyal generals with the best expertise and battle with hundreds of different gamers on-line in real-time! You can be part of an alliance to grow and conquer with your friends, or else you presumably can turn out to be a ranger that plunders the world as a lone wolf. Made by Unreal Engine 4, Epic War: Thrones brings PC-level experiences to cell. Experience the realistic panorama and weather, and implement them into your technique. Command, conquer, and declare the throne!

**1st Anniversary Events**

Here comes new occasions to rejoice the 1st anniversary.

Login to get Zhou yu and chat bubble freely!

Time limited pores and skin comes back.

Draw legendary basic by copper only!

Red pack and lucky draw occasions are prepared.

Come and be part of in!

**Game Features**

【Epic battles between lots of of players】

Join real-time epic battles with lots of of players, each determination you make matters! Full assault or sneak attack? Ally or foe? Choose your strategy rigorously. Capture ports and passes to strengthen your place, struggle for useful resource grids to spice up your manufacturing. Rule the battlefield like an actual commander.

【The world of the Three Kingdoms recreated】

Embark on a conquest that happened a thousand years ago, into the well-known historical past of the Three Kingdoms. Witness the clashes of warlords, techniques from the Art of War being implemented, and legendary generals confronting each other. Will you be succesful of survive in this chaotic land and eventually declare the throne?

【Legendary generals at your command】

Summon legendary generals of the Three Kingdoms to join your cause! Be they the formidable general Guan Yu, or the loyal marshal Jiang Wei who tried to defend his empire until the tip. Each with unique abilities and troop sort, use them to build your powerful legion! All generals are detailed modeled in the recreation, they're as quickly as made alive from the past history and are waiting for your command!

【Alliances, factions, and rangers】

Are you a group participant or a lone wolf? As an alliance participant, you possibly can fight with your mates, defeat robust enemies collectively and help one another to develop. Or else, you is normally a stealthy and maneuverable ranger, a lone wolf that plunders the battlefield and a true predator. It is up to you to choose on who you need to turn into.

【Realistic world with diverse terrains and weathers】

Explore the huge map with over 4 million tiles, march your troops throughout mountains, rivers, deserts, forests, and frozen lands. The world weather system will affect your military, generals, and overall combat effectiveness. Use the terrain and weather as your benefits, and you'll defeat enemies that when seemly untouchable.

【Unlimited possible strategies】

Hundreds of common abilities, 4 troop sorts with 28 variants, 6 totally different battle formations, and varied Strategies that can make the most of climate to strengthen your military. You have unlimited methods to choose from, use them nicely and show your wisdom!

**Get extra information about Epic War: Thrones**

Facebook: https://www.fb.com/EpicwarthronesSEA

Official Website: http://www.archosaur.com/epicwarthrones/

Discord: https://discord.gg/zujkyBnMwW

**Device Requirement**

System version: Android 5.0 or above

RAM: 2GB or more

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or higher

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