Is It Love? Peter - vampire

Is It Love? Peter - vampire

By 1492 Studio

Is It Love? Peter - vampireIs It Love? Peter - vampireIs It Love? Peter - vampireIs It Love? Peter - vampireIs It Love? Peter - vampireIs It Love? Peter - vampireIs It Love? Peter - vampire

Take control of your interactive love story Is It Love? Peter - Vampire.

Embody a powerful heroine and make choices that can change the course of your adventure!

Vampires, Witches, Werewolves within the twilight, are side by facet on this fantasy universe which, like a TV sequence, frequently offers new episodes.


Gifted with supernatural talents since your childhood, you've decided to go away everything behind to hunt solutions on the strange college of Mystery Spell. You have discovered a job and accommodation at the Bartholys' mansion. You reside with them in change for taking care of the younger Lorie. Feared by the town's inhabitants, the evil shadow of their father weighs on everybody's thoughts... Many mysteries encompass the Bartholy brothers and you will soon discover that the entire city of Mystery Spell is prey to odd incidents. Many are those that have ominous secrets and techniques to hide...

Yet, only one inhabitant occupies your thoughts and arouses your curiosity: it's Peter, the most mysterious and melancholic Bartholy brother of the mansion. Will you have the ability to tame him with out endangering yourself and let him reveal his darkest secrets and techniques...?

• Your choices affect your story

• Interactive recreation 100% in English

• Never seen earlier than fantasy world

• New visible adventure

• Love intrigues

• New chapter every 3 weeks


Peter Bartholy - Romantic vampire.

Pianist, passionate, melancholic.

Drogo Bartholy - Rebellious vampire.

Insolent, intrepid, seductive.

Nicolae Bartholy - Experienced vampire.

Loyal, wise, sturdy.

Sarah Osborne - Witch and greatest good friend.

Powerful, liberated, funny.

Samantha Gautier - Enemy.

Mean, pretentious, brilliant.

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Our story:

1492 Studio is predicated in Montpellier, France. It was co-founded in 2014 by Claire and Thibaud Zamora, two entrepreneurs with over twenty years’ experience within the freemium sport industry. Acquired by Ubisoft in 2018, the studio has cast ahead in creating interactive tales in the form of visible novels, additional enriching the content of their Is It Love? collection. With a complete of fourteen mobile functions with greater than 60 million downloads so far, 1492 Studio designs games that take gamers on a journey through worlds which may be wealthy in intrigue, suspense and, in fact, romance. The studio continues to supply live games by creating further content and keeping in contact with a powerful and lively fan base while engaged on upcoming projects.

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