5 Colors

5 Colors

By EntwicklerX

5 Colors5 Colors5 Colors5 Colors5 Colors5 Colors5 Colors

How To Play

5 Colors is an addictive little puzzle recreation the place you have to join Dots of the identical colours to get a bunch of 5, referred to as „Five“ and try to get a connection of at least 3 of them. Only a Match-3 (or more) can rise your scores by removing it from the playfield.

Every transfer brings a new Dot to the playfield. A transfer may be becoming a member of dots or removing groups and single Dots (Single). A Single brings 3 new coloured Dots but additionally a Blocker. Removing a small Group (Tiny) brings one new Dot.

Every round has 5 strikes. If a spherical is over, a new Blocker appears on the playing subject. This Blocker can prevent a connection of Five. So you must be careful with your moves. You can remove a Blocker with eradicating a Match-3 (or more).

Try to build your Fives close together to get a connection as a end result of they can not be moved!

Try to get long connections for a high score!

The recreation is over if there isn't any extra space for a brand new coming Dot (if the playfield is full of Dots).

Indications (Dots, Combinations, Moves and what they do):


brings 3 new Dots 1 Blocker, can be removed


fills the playfield, can only removed with tapping a Match-3


is a full group of dots, can only be eliminated with a connection of 3 and more


connections of at least three Fives, the only method to get scores, more connections = more score!


indicates the strikes left earlier than a Blocker appears

This is the original model of 5 Colors, concept and game thought Thomas Claus and Frank Menzel, Copyright - EntwicklerX 2020

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