Baby Phone Games for Toddlers

Baby Phone Games for Toddlers

By Önder Çağlar

Baby Phone Games for ToddlersBaby Phone Games for ToddlersBaby Phone Games for ToddlersBaby Phone Games for ToddlersBaby Phone Games for ToddlersBaby Phone Games for ToddlersBaby Phone Games for Toddlers

Baby telephone is an educational baby game where children can have enjoyable and spend time. Kids Toddlers will be taught animals, vehicles, music and numbers while having fun. With Baby phone video games, animals, autos and figures will learn while having fun. Download the Baby cellphone app that falls into the class of Educational video games for youngsters designed for your children, and likewise present them with enjoyable whereas supporting their growth.

My Baby telephone has 18 different sorts of home and wild animals with their pictures, voices and names. The bear, cat, gorilla, lion, horse, dog, rabbit and others ready children to learn by Baby cellphone game.

Kids will study animals.

Children will be taught the voice / sound of animals.

Kids toddlers will learn 18 totally different public transportation autos, work machines, non-public automobiles with pictures and voices. In Baby video games, it's aimed to make it simpler for kids to be taught these tools and to adapt day by day life, particularly automobiles used frequently in every day life similar to, ambulance, taxi, motor, car, racing automotive, police car, fire truck and college bus.

Kids Toddlers will study automobiles.

Children will be taught car sounds.

My Baby Phone Games for Kids is aimed to develop the mathematical skills by educating to kids both visually and audibly from 0 to 9. Children study to pronounce the number while pressing the colorful and engaging numbers and be taught the name of the printed numbers.

Baby toddler preschool youngsters will be taught numbers.

In the music part, Musical educational recreation for toddlers is aimed to be taught the youngsters's notes by amusing do, re, mi, fa, sol, la. The basis of music information is aimed at.

Baby telephone Provides idea improvement.

Babyphone Strengthens visible perception and reminiscence.

Baby phone name has 10 totally different language options. (Turkish / English / German / French / Russian / Portuguese / Japanese / Korean / Spanish / Arabic).

Baby Phone app is FREE and suitable with nearly all Android units, nevertheless in any downside let us know, we will proceed instantly.

ATTENTION: Sound information and a few photos which had been used in this software, had been obtained from numerous sources on the internet that labeled them as freely distributable. Therefore, if you discover any sound file on this utility which you recognize as copyrighted, please e-mail me. In this way, I will take away them instantly.

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