Pixel Mines

Pixel Mines

By Cogoo Inc.

Pixel MinesPixel MinesPixel MinesPixel MinesPixel MinesPixel MinesPixel Mines

The original creators of 'World of Mines' is proud to current 'The Agent of C.O.G.O.O' now out there for Pre-order.


From the Original Creators of 'World of Mines',

Team Cogoo presents another minesweeper enjoyable with Pixel Art.

Players could play 250 minesweeper levels with many various shapes.

Beware, it's very addictive.

For Players who

- Love the basic minesweeper on PC

- Love brain teaser games

- Love killing time playing free games

- Look for games that you could take on a regular basis you want

- Look for a brief daiy game

- Love to play with Colors

- Love to play with their kids

Core Concept of Pixel Mines

We wanted gamers to deliver a treasure looking expertise to our participant.

We additionally wanted to mess around with reduce colors and pixel artwork.

We also wanted to maintain the game very quite simple.

Available Pixel Arts you could uncover by taking half in minesweeper in Pixel Mines.

(Please go away us a evaluation of the pixels you need us to incorporate on our subsequent update)

- Heart

- Turtle

- Princess

- Magician

- Hamburger

- Happy face

- Icecream

- Wicked Snow White

- Endangered Animals

- Insects

- Cursor the Virus Hunter Many extra.


- Many pixels to play

- Players might select a stage to play

- Easy to control

- The ultimate brain teaser puzzle

- Great time killer

- Pinch to Zoom Controls

- Vertical play

- Solve puzzles

- Best, smoothest, fastest interface of any Minesweeper game

- First tap luck, check your brain and minesweeper luck

- Flag Mode: Turn on flag mode to mark tiles you assume are bombs quickly

- Variety of map sizes and shapes

- Daily map update

- Very Addictive


The goal of the game is to clear a map containing hidden “mines” or bombs with out detonating any of them, with assist from clues concerning the number or neighboring mines in every area. The game is performed by revealing squares of the grid by touching each sq.. If a square containing a mine is revealed, the participant loses the game. If no mine is revealed, a digit is as an alternative displayed in the sq., indicating how many adjacent squares contains mines. If no mines are adjoining, the square becomes clean, and all adjacent squares shall be recursively revealed. The player uses this information to infer the contents of different squares, and may both safely reveal each sq. or mark the square as containing a mine. After clearing all the mines, colored pixel photographs would be revealed. Play easy mine game and collect pixel pictures. You would love it!

If you love the sport and care to supply suggestions, please be a part of our Facebook group and share you ideas on future improvements.

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