Chess but mess

Chess but mess

By LM Programming

Chess but messChess but messChess but messChess but messChess but mess

In this game, you will be offered with many fascinating and foolish game modes for chess.

They range from replacing your pawns as checkers, Horde mode or Hill king to smaller gameplay tweaks, like no castling. There are already 24 different sport modes (including regular version of chess) within the recreation, however that number will surely improve. Currently, you probably can only play locally with a good friend, however I will try to add online multiplayer. The sport is totally fleshed out, with every thing you'll count on from different chess apps.

I hope you'll get pleasure from this game!

Current recreation modes (all have a proof in-game):

Good outdated chess,

Horde mode,

Immobile king,

Three checks to win,


Fast pawns,

Brave sir Robins,

Lazy pieces,

Slow pawns,


Rosen-Botez chess,

Slow knights,

Where are the reinforcements?!,

No castling,

Fast chess,

Fast clock for winners,

Fast clock for losers,


Hill king,

All rooks are queens,

Ultra pawns,

Super king,

Fight to the dying,


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