Jamaican Checkers

Jamaican Checkers

By Miroslav Kisly

Jamaican CheckersJamaican CheckersJamaican CheckersJamaican CheckersJamaican CheckersJamaican CheckersJamaican Checkers

This checkers variant is also called:

✓ Jamaican checkers

✓ Pool checkers

✓ American pool checkers

✓ Swedish draughts

✓ Norwegian draughts

Variant performed in Jamaica has flipped horizontally board.


✓ One or Two participant mode

✓ Attractive classic picket retro interface with US attributes

✓ Many boards - Las Vegas, Jamaican, wooden, marble, flat

✓ Ability to compose personal recreation position

✓ Review saved games

✓ Ability to avoid wasting games and continue later

✓ Undo move

✓ Auto-save

✓ Statistics

✓ Sounds

✓ Parental control

Short rules description:

✓ Board 8x8 with checkers 12

✓ Begin blacks

✓ Flying kings

✓ Any sequence could additionally be chosen, so long as all possible captures are made

✓ Capture continues and a person does not change status

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