[BL] NEXUS Code Plus [A romance game for women]

[BL] NEXUS Code Plus [A romance game for women]

By Abracadabra Games

[BL] NEXUS Code Plus [A romance game for women][BL] NEXUS Code Plus [A romance game for women][BL] NEXUS Code Plus [A romance game for women][BL] NEXUS Code Plus [A romance game for women][BL] NEXUS Code Plus [A romance game for women]

The renewal of the mounted couple BL novel sport, where sexy members of a shadowy organization must all work alongside their companions.

Nexus Code Plus is about Partners × Incidents × Love? What's the reality behind the mysterious accidents that have been occurring!? Nexus Code Plus enables you to be concerned as an audience. Read the story, experience the suspense and aim for the most effective ending. Nexus Code Plus certain is a game you’ll become addicted to!

The story adjustments based on your choices. Make the right choices and lift your BF's affection to unlock awesome CGs and scenarios!

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What is Nexus Code Plus?

A top-secret organization beneath the National Public Safety Commission.

Two companions: one is part of the Legal Group, those who full the authorized course, and the opposite is part of the Parvenu Group, those who have a felony report.

They investigate personal instances.

Chigaya and Natsume, who both cover a secret dating again to their childhood.

Kei and Zakuro, who separated from their former partners and shaped a new pair.

What's the reality behind the mysterious accidents they got concerned in!?

Enjoy a suspense journey with a set coupling setting!

◆Couple Introduction◆

Here are the presently obtainable couples!


Seductive x Former con man Chigaya x Innocent x Reckless Natsume

Chigaya is forced to take care of his reckless companion, Natsume.

What type of incident will this highly effective combo get wrapped up in?


Meathead x Cool and calm Kei x Tsundere x Former hacker Zakuro

Former hacker Zakuro looks like the the very definition of a tsundere.

What is his previous with the icy Kei...?


Gentle x Leader Hiiragi x Clean minimize x Natural Kikyo

Despite his clear reduce appearance, Kikyo is fairly easygoing. He handles office work with Hiiragi.

But what's the actual relationship between the two on the top of Crows?

There are more fastened couples to come!

Mysterious x Secretive Tachibana x Cool x Quiet Rindo

Easy-going x Young Asebi x Mischievous x Enigma Botan

How do I PLAY?

-Install for free

-Free primary play

-You can read 5 passionate stories for FREE EVERY DAY!

-Get’s your palms on the steamy CGS?

-The seme and uke of each couple are mounted, so you can take pleasure in reading about your favourite couple.

Please note that Nexus Code Plus is free to play, however you ought to purchase in-game items with real cash. If you need to restrict the flexibility to make in-app purchases, you could create a PIN within the Settings menu from inside the Google Play Store.


-Uninstalling the app or clearing the cashe will reset player information.

Collection and use of your information are topic to the Privacy Policy available at https://abracadabra.co.jp/en/privacy-policy-apps/.

For assist: https://abracadabra.co.jp/en/contact/

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