Vampire Bride [Love Maiden Game]

Vampire Bride [Love Maiden Game]

By Aeriebell Inc.

Vampire Bride [Love Maiden Game]Vampire Bride [Love Maiden Game]Vampire Bride [Love Maiden Game]Vampire Bride [Love Maiden Game]Vampire Bride [Love Maiden Game]Vampire Bride [Love Maiden Game]Vampire Bride [Love Maiden Game]

Everything is for everlasting time and happiness--

With beautiful full voice! A romance recreation weaving with vampires ☆


・ Since the sport data is downloaded with excessive picture high quality and excessive sound high quality, it takes a very long time to DL solely on the first startup.

After installation, no web connection is required whereas the game is in progress.

* Wi-Fi communication is recommended for DL ​​

* If there isn't a free area on the SD card, DL will not be attainable



Miyu Sakurai, the heroine who lived lonely without any family members.

One day, she visited a real property store run by an unusual previous gentleman and jumped at an affordable property.

When I was enthusiastic about my new life whereas organizing my transferring luggage ...

Hmm? Who are you?

Who? ”

Injured twin vampires appeared in entrance of her.

An older brother who occupies the room with his own face and a younger brother who apologizes and has a gentle smile.

The two mysteries claim possession of the heroine's room.

The sudden communal life saved the heroine away from her lengthy loneliness and gave her happiness ...

Operation method

Operation through the game is very easy!

Two-finger touch: Open menu

Three-finger contact: Text skip

Press and maintain for 1 second or longer: Autoplay

Depending on the selection, each character may have 3 completely different endings.

■ What is Vampire Bride?

You have moved to a brand new home where you live alone.

What a cohabitant is ... a super handsome vampire !? And twins !?

A new life with a vampire underneath one roof!

It is a otome game where you presumably can absolutely get pleasure from such sweet and dangerous love!

In addition, with a further replace scheduled for this fall, it will be potential to capture characters that aren't at present targeted for capture!

The love story with the vampires turns into much more dangerous-it will get sweeter !? Naomi

Yuma seventeenth Night CV: Kazutoshi Hatano

Valentine CV: Toshiya Karino

Ralph Mochizuki CV: Kensuke Kubota

Clement CV: Daijiro Todaka

Alberto CV: Sho Iwase


Prologue: Free Each character route: 350 yen

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[email protected]

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