Logic 3D: Action Maze Game

Logic 3D: Action Maze Game

By rionix

Logic 3D: Action Maze GameLogic 3D: Action Maze GameLogic 3D: Action Maze GameLogic 3D: Action Maze GameLogic 3D: Action Maze Game

In this motion maze runner game you need to escape of a labyrinth stuffed with traps. Each stage is a puzzle room with enemies, switches, shifting partitions and, in fact, treasures! Solve puzzles and survival in mazes on this motion offline sport. Some of mazes shall be stress-free puzzles in your mind. Some labyrinths will take a look at your response and finger velocity. So when you like maze video games or action puzzle video games you want our recreation too! And don't forget the amazing abstract graphic.

The rules are simple: use swipes to manage your checker. For instance, when you swipe up, the checker will transfer up till it collides with the obstacles. Along the way you will meet vitality factors, gather them all to open the portal out of the labyrinth. Don't overlook to gather gems, they'll allow you to survive in different labyrinths. Avoid enemies, do not fall into traps and be attentive and fast after which you presumably can escape the maze.

Logicka is in early access and is continually being refined and improved. There are 25 mazes in the game and it's crucial to know what you consider their difficulty and interestingness!

Come back to verify for updates!

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