Game of Gods

Game of Gods

By Foursaken Media

Game of GodsGame of GodsGame of GodsGame of GodsGame of GodsGame of GodsGame of Gods

Experience quick motion and strategic gameplay as you unleash unbelievable magic towards the hordes of Chaos! Collect dozens of spells and discover the distinctive methods they work together with each other. Choose the path of good or evil by saving or destroying mankind, appease the greater gods to unlock challenges, gather highly effective champions to battle with you in battle, customize your god, play with other players in giant scale cooperative campaigns, and a lot more!


• Drag and drop spells on to the battlefield to unleash devastating magic

• SINGLE PLAYER: Progress through a campaign with distinctive monsters, bosses, areas, and more

• MULTIPLAYER: Join other players in group multiplayer should you select, and battle together towards a common goal as you defend against massive scale invasions

• Discover how spells interact with each other - electrify water, burn trees, water crops, and more

• Play nearly as good, evil, or each, by saving or destroying mankind

• Appease totally different gods and embark down a number of unique challenge paths

• Collect quite so much of highly effective champions that battle alongside you in battle; from a noble king, to an armored bear, to an enormous skeleton warrior, and heaps of more

• Customize your god with clothes, armor, god items, mutations, and more

• Play against quite a lot of highly effective enemy types, creating deep, strategic gameplay

• Collect worshippers and earn powerful rewards as your god grows in fame

• Immerse your self in a singular world with attention-grabbing characters

• Beautiful graphics over the top effects


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