DreamDiner Admin App

DreamDiner Admin App

By DreamDiner.io

DreamDiner Admin AppDreamDiner Admin AppDreamDiner Admin App

DreamDiner aims to convey a brand new style to restaurant management by digitalizing the preparation control and the service expertise.

The system features a four app eco-system, working collectively cloud-based and in real-time, so preparation is optimized, more accurate, and eventually for better shopper satisfaction.

This is the Admin App:

Full business control at your fingertips: overview in real-time all orders and preparations, checkout income, can handle all merchandise, menus, workers, and produce thrilling reports.

Other apps include

The Kitchen App:

Varies and locations at every terminal workstation within the kitchen to receive all orders instantly from the purchasers, then begin selling each dish with a drag-and-drop interface according to the preparation phases till the digital declaration the item is ready to deliver!

The Waiter App:

Manages the orders from the tables, can obtain orders directly from the client, and naturally, will get an alert from the kitchen as soon as the dish is able to ship to the client as rapidly as potential.

The Client App:

Here is where the entire process starts... with a friendly interface of creating the personal order, setting the dishes and personal preferences for each merchandise ordered, then triggered on to the related kitchen terminal to begin preparation. While waiting, the consumer is up to date on the progress of the preparation process, pays online for the order, provides extra items, calls the waiter, and naturally, rates the quality and repair.

The DreamDiner App System is developed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs and soon to be released!

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DreamDiner aims to deliver a new style to restaurant administration by digitalizing the preparation management and the service expertise.The system features a 4 app eco-system, working together cloud-based and in real-time, so preparation is optimized, extra accurate, and ultimately for...