NaWallet - Pure accounting

NaWallet - Pure accounting

By Bakumon

NaWallet - Pure accountingNaWallet - Pure accountingNaWallet - Pure accounting

Provide people with a lightweight billing product. The application developed by the person started to be self-use. Later, I felt that some folks like me, like simple and pure accounting strategies, so that they were launched. Let everyone hold accounts in a straightforward way, not all-inclusive, personal accounting isn't necessary for specialization.

There are not any unnecessary permissions, no advertisements, no consumer system, no user information, just merely report the earnings and expenditure, do some clear statistics, and establish a great spending behavior by clearly understanding the place the money is spent. .

Charging characteristics

Quick billing: a quantity of direct billing methods

Custom: Customize revenue and expenditure classification, billing time, modify at any time

Multi-dimensional statistics: multi-dimensional statistical income and expenditure flow

Budget function: management consumption and reduce expenses

Cloud backup: native backup/cloud backup knowledge to ensure knowledge just isn't lost

Asset Management: Rational administration of asset accounts

Multi-theme: help evening mode and multi-topic color

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