Cross: Global Remittance

Cross: Global Remittance


Cross: Global RemittanceCross: Global RemittanceCross: Global RemittanceCross: Global RemittanceCross: Global Remittance

[ Exclusive Benefits for CROSS Users]

■ CROSS Points for Discounts

- Instant 5,000 Welcome Points for new users

- Daily Activity Points: Open the CROSS app daily and collect Points

- Remittance Points: Send money and receive rewards

- Team Monthly Point Rewards: Achieve staff milestones and get as much as 3,000,000 P each month

- Recommendation Points: Get 10,000 P for each good friend you discuss with CROSS

■ Bonus Gifts

- Receive meals packs on your first transaction

- Get reward certificates in your Convenience Store wallet deposits

- Your loyalty is highly appreciated right here in CROSS! Surprise presents await loyal users every finish of the year

[ Your Remittance ‘HERO’]


- Remittances completed in 5 minutes

- 24/7 processing together with weekends and holidays


- Easy sign-up with your passport

- Skip long forms! Send money immediately by simply filling in the receiver's details

- Use saved information with ‘One-Click Accounts’ to instantly request remittances


- Certified by the Korean government as an Overseas Remittance Business (2018-11)

- No hidden or extra costs. The amount you ship is assured to be the same exact quantity to be received

[ Customer Support]


Facebook: Cross Philippines

Hotline: 02-6275-4121 or 010-7631-4112

[ App Permissions Required]

■ (Optional) Camera: Take pictures for ID verification

■ (Optional) Storage: Upload ID pictures from telephone storage

■ (Optional) Location: Auto-insert current location when coming into address

■ (Optional) Phone: Access to cellphone is required for direct contact to buyer service