Qooore - trading ideas, invest

Qooore - trading ideas, invest

By Qooore Corp

Qooore - trading ideas, investQooore - trading ideas, investQooore - trading ideas, investQooore - trading ideas, investQooore - trading ideas, invest

Social investing app the place successful monetary influencers and professional traders share their insights about markets. Follow one of the best analysts and get buying and selling ideas.

Qooore helps GenZ earn money by way of validated monetary influencers and copy their buying and selling kinds.

Learn and invest based on Qooore insights. Qooore combines the design of Tiktok and the ease of Robinhood. It's an easy funding tool to know.

We use a study by playing method with game options and storytelling. Investments turn out to be intelligible, quite than complicated and incomprehensible.

In the app:

Trading insights

Assumptions about what is going to occur to the stock in the future: whether or not it's going to rise or fall and the estimated returns and time frame for profit

Follow traders with high scores

Improve in your trading rank by rising your profit-to-loss ratio

News about firms

Headline stockmarket news on your favorite corporations at your fingertips


Books and podcasts suggestions, classes “How to” about trading and investments, investor’s dictionary with main phrases.

We take an egalitarian strategy. Anyone can invest intelligently regardless of instructional background.

Our mission is straightforward: Take the guesswork out of trading and Instead discover highly rated traders, be taught more about their strategies from their earlier assumptions on their profile. If you find a trading fashion that jives with your - follow and replica your favourite finfluencers trading style!

Qooore helps defend Gen Zs towards scammers and fraudulent advisors as a outcome of the finfluencers are given star rankings based mostly on the accuracy of their earlier assumptions. Anybody is often a content material creator and share their assumptions; in the event that they get a 5 star ranking they can monetize their content on a subscription based mostly mannequin.

Our team has set out to accomplish three things for green buyers :

1. Protection from scammers

2. Equipping them with financial knowledge

3. Help to efficiently generate income collectively by way of our platform

Invest on the planet you wish to reside in.

Impact your world!

Download now and get entry to:

Stay tuned on one of the best stocks market’s costs to purchase and get money

Get the recommendations of which stocks to buy, to carry and to drop at the moment

Adjust your personal prediction strategy

Analyse the customers polls

Be informed on the hottest markets’ updates

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