The password

The password


The passwordThe passwordThe passwordThe passwordThe password

The password is a mathematical method that may let you calculate:

The complete of potential purchasers.

The complete of sales.

Gross revenue .

The internet earnings.

The month-to-month abstract of your finances.

Future projections growing 10 and 20%.

This method is based on the e-book From 0 to an entrepreneur, by the writer Tito Galvez, during which he teaches you the 6 steps for your business to work without you:


2) Marketing



5) Synergy


This software will allow you to in step number one within the management, you'll no longer have to carry out heavy calculations manually, solely now you must enter the data requested by the interface and it'll care for delivering the results instantly with out waiting , also allows you to see future projections of your finances with 10 and 20% extra shoppers.

If you wish to learn to use this utility quickly, I suggest I would offer you to look at the video in the description tab, we also advocate you read the e-book, From 0 to an entrepreneur written by Tito Galvez.

Without a doubt, Entrepreneur, this is the application that each Entrepreneur ought to have in their portfolio of on a daily basis instruments.

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