Pixel Tarot

Pixel Tarot

By JW Dev;

Pixel TarotPixel TarotPixel TarotPixel TarotPixel TarotPixel TarotPixel Tarot

Pixel Tarot is a standalone watch app for Wear OS. Randomly attracts playing cards from a full 78 card deck with interpretations.

Optional telephone companion app that retains observe of the playing cards that you simply draw. Showing the most drawn card of all time and probably the most drawn card of the day!

Includes a Card of the Day tile (widget). Draw a card of the day once a day, faucet card for interpretation. Easily accessible and enjoyable Tarot expertise proper on your wrist.

In the principle app you can draw unlimited cards all through the day. Press and maintain the shuffle button to shuffle the deck. Release and then press the card to disclose it.

Use this app for inspiration, divination, and entertainment all through the day.

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