MO 4Media - remote control and player

MO 4Media - remote control and player

By Dancing Tree

MO 4Media - remote control and playerMO 4Media - remote control and playerMO 4Media - remote control and playerMO 4Media - remote control and player

This app is a distant management for JRiver Media Center (MC) software program running on a computer (we have no affiliation with JRiver, Inc.). It can also play back media from the MC library domestically to the device. It is a music participant for Android Auto as properly. It helps video, audio, and pictures on Android TV.

A working copy of JRiver Media Center on a networked laptop is required. You must enable Media Network in MC for you to be able to join and entry your media. See to install and get extra data.


- Control MC playback over wifi together with your device

- Control separate zones and link/unlink playback between zones

- Play audio/music recordsdata to your system with elective quantity leveling/replay acquire adjustment during playback and elective file conversion

- Play audio/music recordsdata via Android Auto with voice control

- Play video information to your device with elective file conversion

- View images on your system with elective file conversion

- Run macros (list of network commands) when zones are selected or unselected. These could be MCC (control MC) or TCP (control networked A/V equipment).

- Device volume buttons can control MC or networked A/V gear volumes

- Create playlists and add files to playlists

- Play selected monitor Artists or Albums in exterior music apps

- Theater View remote control

- Connects by way of https if SSL is enabled in MC

- Wake-On-LAN

- Download information with offline playback

- Seeking during playback

- Gapless audio playback

- Rating buttons in notification

- Custom UI colors

- Option for Video playback in external player

- Video, audio, and images playback on Android TV

- Casting

The free version has the next limitations which may be eliminated with a $4.ninety nine US per year subscription or $18.ninety nine US one-time in-app purchase:

- Can solely play first 3 files in Playing Now

- Can check however not save zone macro and volume commands

- Only 30 seconds of video playback

- External video playback is disabled


- To customise the library items you could browse edit the MC choices: Tools Options Media Network Advanced Custom views for JRemote, Gizmo Panel...

- To have a custom root view for Android Auto (e.g. just browse audio, group artist by letter, etc.) create a root library view named Auto in the same options as above

- Cover art is intentionally missing from screenshots however will display properly within the app together with your library

- If you are experiencing unexpected playback STOPPING when playing to the gadget with the display off, disable BATTERY OPTIMIZATION for the MO 4Media app: search for battery optimization in settings

Android TV:

- To have custom root items on the primary screen create a root library view named ATV as described in Notes above.

- Chapters: Default chapters are generated every 5 minutes. You can have specific timed and named chapters by importing a .xml file into your library and setting the Name tag as VIDEONAME_Chapters where VIDEONAME is the precise Name tag of the target video for the chapters. The schema of this xml file is that which is produced by extracting the chapters from an MKV file with mkvtoolnix.

- Backdrops: To have a backdrop present on the file particulars display screen import no much less than one picture file into your library and set the Name tag to MOVIENAME_back or SERIESNAME_back the place MOVIENAME is the precise Name tag of the target video for the backdrop (SERIESNAME is television episode collection name).

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