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Efteling Kids

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Efteling KidsEfteling KidsEfteling KidsEfteling KidsEfteling Kids

Everything from and about Efteling, conveniently organized in the one and solely Efteling Kids app! With the free Efteling Kids app, your favourite amusement park involves life in your house. Enjoy movies, tales, video games, puzzles and coloring pages from your friends from the Efteling daily. Or think about yourself in the park by clicking on one of the many points of interest. With this cheerful Kids app, the world of fairytales is rarely far away!

The Efteling Kids app is especially for youngsters aged 3-6 years and is a useful and secure environment without advertising or clicking away. The app is supplied with a volume button ('can it be turned down a bit?') and a timer. So is your child allowed on the smartphone or tablet for half an hour each day? Just set the timer and the app will cease routinely after the set time. With the free Efteling Kids app you possibly can be positive that your youngster is watching content that is appropriate for his or her age.

The Efteling Kids app offers something for everybody. Coloring with Jokie and Jet, playing video games with the riders from Raveleijn or relaxing with one of the stories from the Fairytale Forest: it is all possible! Thanks to the intuitive operation, your child can easily discover his or her personal way within the app. Curious about what else the Efteling Kids app has to offer?

Content of the Efteling Kids app:

Almost a hundred and fifty totally different Efteling videos

Endless drawing and coloring

Dive into the world of the Efteling (zoom in on your favorite attraction)


Find the differences


Decorate your own photo

Play with music

Reading books

Listen to Efteling Kids Radio

Parent access: give You can determine for yourself how lengthy your baby can play

The Efteling Kids app is free and it stays that way.

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