Jellyfish Heaven

Jellyfish Heaven

By Kakumei

Jellyfish HeavenJellyfish HeavenJellyfish HeavenJellyfish HeavenJellyfish Heaven

Jellyfish Heaven enables you to watch and work together with tremendous sensible jellyfishes in your hand!

(:3)彡 (:3)彡 (:3)彡

Too busy to go to aquarium?

Having issue in falling asleep?

Watch these jellyfishes to make you chill out.

- Select your favorite species from moon, spotted, giyaman (Tima formosa) and purple jelly!

- Control the number of jellyfishes to show

- Interact really amazingly realistic jellyfishes!

- Tap the jellyfish to alter the colors

- Double tap to toggle the BGM on/off

- Set the screenshots as wallpaper

- Share the beautiful pictures via email/MMS or your favorite social companies (Twitter/Facebook/Flickr/Instagram/etc.) after saving the screenshot in your digital camera roll!

Just loosen up and enjoy!

(:3)彡 (:3)彡 (:3)彡

Sound effect by TAM Music Factory (

BGM by Rengoku Teien (

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