Book of Shadows Tarot So Below

Book of Shadows Tarot So Below

By The Fool's Dog

Book of Shadows Tarot So BelowBook of Shadows Tarot So BelowBook of Shadows Tarot So BelowBook of Shadows Tarot So Below

The Book of Shadows: So Below expresses the archetypal meanings of the Tarot with scenes taken directly from our busy fashionable lives. These archetypes aren’t on the grandiose scale of most Tarots. Instead, So Below is accessible, trendy, and ideal for readings for self and family. Soft however never fluffy, So Below’s imagery speaks in trendy slang and phrases its drama in everyday terms.

The characters in So Below reflect our fashionable multiethnic societies. The royalty cards show the same person at totally different phases of life. The Chalice and Pentacle royalty characteristic males, whereas Wands and Swords royalty present ladies, an example of the fluid gender roles found all through the deck.

Because the pictures are straightforward to attach with emotionally, So Below is an excellent deck for newcomers to Tarot. The unassuming style of art fits the topic matter perfectly. Vivid colours are fastidiously keyed to their occult resonances, and the dynamic scenes make So Below a visually exciting deck.

So Below illustrates the magic of our on a daily basis lives, and offers steerage on how to stay a magical life, while dwelling within the city, or driving the youngsters around the suburbs.

*Intuitive, elegant interface is easy for novices and experts

*Gorgeous full display, high-resolution card images

*Full assist for all Android gadgets operating 4.0.3 or newer

*Sophisticated journal

*Includes full book

*14 spreads constructed in

*Design your personal format with Free Form

*Allow reversed cards or not

*Option to use Major Arcana only

*Zoom in to enlarge card details

*Share reading via email

*Animated shuffle cut

*Optional voice prompts

*Customize with your individual card meanings studying cloths

*Many adjustable settings

*Book and card meanings obtainable in English only

Learn to see the magic in everyday life, with The Book of Shadows: So Below!

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