Baby Panda #39;s Supermarket

Baby Panda #39;s Supermarket

By BabyBus

Baby Panda #39;s SupermarketBaby Panda #39;s SupermarketBaby Panda #39;s SupermarketBaby Panda #39;s SupermarketBaby Panda #39;s Supermarket

The in style Baby Panda's Supermarket has been updated! All scorching items can be found so that you just can shop! There are additionally fun DIY and role-playing events. Please come and enjoy!


Fruits , vegetables, drinks, toys, clothing...There are all types of items available at the supermarket. What would you prefer to buy? Check out your purchasing record. Pick two watermelons, a toy dinosaur, and at last a beautiful outfit. We have completed shopping!


Don't miss the DIY event at the supermarket! Strawberry cake, cucumber burger, sausage sandwich...You can prepare dinner whatever in style gourmet meals you want. Steak, tomato...There are 12 ingredients for you to mix and match, and give you extra delicious flavors!


Besides, you can also act as a cashier, learn to weigh and scan. How a lot do the purchasers should pay? Cash, scanning QR Code, or financial institution card. Choose a method and assist him (her) complete the payment!

Can't wait to go to the supermarket? Come go to us and have a wonderful purchasing time!


- Get to know 39 sorts of gourmand meals, together with juice, steak, hamburger, cake, sandwich, and tomato.

- 14 kinds of cute toys so that you can choose from: Toy dinosaur, toy automotive, music field and more.

- Fun interactions: Fishing, applying makeup, drawing Easter eggs, and role playing.

- There are 12 sorts of decorations so that you can choose from: Cake field, bow tie and extra.

- The supermarket will change its decorations in accordance with the holiday schedule.

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