MiniLobes - Internet connection

MiniLobes - Internet connection

By Liifle AB

MiniLobes - Internet connectionMiniLobes - Internet connectionMiniLobes - Internet connection

Minilobes need assistance constructing the Counting Tower!

A narrator's voice guides and offers feedback in a playful way to be taught to count up to 20 in steps, practice speech comprehension and introductory mathematical ideas.

By completing the mini-games, you assist Minilobes to construct and decorate the Calculation Tower. Practice sufficient until you complete the final degree on each stage to help Minilobes construct the Counting Tower right up to the sky.

MiniLobes - The Counting Tower contains:

- Contents based mostly on early mathematical learning.

- The game accommodates 8 ranges (floors) with 4-5 mini-games on each flooring. Each floor incorporates a final ultimate course. In total, the sport consists of about forty mini-games.

- The mini-games include an exercise half which then turns into a problem half. The challenge consists of about 6-10 tasks. To get to the ultimate course on each ground, a certain number of rights to the mini-games are wanted.

- Educational state of affairs that trains preliminary mathematical skills. Learn to rely in steps as much as 20. Learn to acknowledge numbers and numbers. Learn introductory mathematical concepts corresponding to few-many, little-much, similar-different, all-none, short-long, high-low, narrow-wide, light-heavy, inside-outside, above-below and in between, bigger than - lower than and right-left. Initial geometric shapes and colours.

- Feedback on answers is given both as corrective (right / wrong) but also as extra informative where the player will get clues about how they will correct their answers.

- Report section the place father or mother or instructor can get an overview / compilation of exercises.

- Three consumer accounts that may also be deleted to have the flexibility to play the sport from the beginning again.

- Narrator voice that guides and provides children feedback in a playful way.

- Child-friendly interface and nice illustrations.

- The Figures MiniLobes

- No third-party promoting

- No in-app purchases

- Intended for youngsters aged 3-6 years

- Further details about the content material is available on our web site

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