Tell a Story - Speech Logic

Tell a Story - Speech Logic

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Tell a Story - Speech LogicTell a Story - Speech LogicTell a Story - Speech LogicTell a Story - Speech LogicTell a Story - Speech Logic

This academic game for teenagers trains speech and logic. It is best for youngsters ages 4, 5, 6 and seven years old.

Each of the duties presents a sequence of images on the screen that together inform a narrative, but the images get mixed firstly of the spherical. The baby has to place the photographs back into the correct order and inform the story these pictures display. The sport effectively trains the flexibility to talk in complete and significant sentences as nicely as to come to logical conclusions based on noticed facts. To place the pictures in the right order, youngsters have to first set up causal, temporal, spatial and different logic relationships between the smaller items and demonstrate a quite high degree of abstraction. Examining pictures itself trains consideration and concentration.

Ask your kid to tell a brief story or ultimately clarify why the images ought to be in that order in addition to what occurs on the images. Each story has a starting, then some improvement, and finally an ending. All the photographs are practical, colourful, and aimed at younger youngsters.

The game offers tasks with 3 ranges of problem:

1. Easy - sequences of 4 simple photos (for instance, 1. entire apple, 2. bitten apple, 3. half-eaten apple, 4. apple core)

2. Medium - sequences of 4 photos which together make a small story with a easy plot

3. Hard - sequences of 5-6 photos with an extended plot the place the child needs to determine temporal and causal relationships

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