Quantum Harmonic Oscillator

Quantum Harmonic Oscillator

By Voladd

Quantum Harmonic OscillatorQuantum Harmonic OscillatorQuantum Harmonic OscillatorQuantum Harmonic OscillatorQuantum Harmonic Oscillator

Quantum harmonic oscillator is one of the few quantum mechanical techniques for which a precise, analytic resolution is understood. It is very useful as a outcome of arbitrary potential may be approximated by a harmonic potential in the vicinity of the equilibrium level.

The wave-like habits of a particle confined to a harmonic properly is described by the wave features of the quantum harmonic oscillator. These are the solutions to the corresponding quantum mechanical Schroedinger equation and they decide the probability to search out the particle in a selected house region.

This app visualizes the eigenstates of the three-dimensional quantum harmonic oscillator by drawing the cross-section surfaces of the square of the wave function in OpenGL, utilizing the Marching Cubes algorithm. The spherical coordinate basis is employed.


- Select the eigenstate by specifying the quantum numbers k, l and m, or choose a random one.

- Change the discretization step size.

- Choose the total likelihood to find the particle contained in the drawn orbital floor.

- Zoom and rotate the floor along with your fingers.

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