Chemistry Pack

Chemistry Pack

By Sparkle Solutions

Chemistry PackChemistry PackChemistry PackChemistry PackChemistry Pack

Chemistry Pack contains 55 Calculators and References, that may rapidly and simply calculate and lets you refer completely different chemical parameters. Dynamic Periodic Table with many useful chemical information about every component.

Periodic Table:

Periodic Table provides 20 most important chemical information about every factor. Elements may be tracked utilizing a chart. Chemical info of each component can be shared to social media, mail, messages and different sharing apps.

Following 20 Chemical Information are provided for each element:

• Element

• Symbol

• Atomic Number

• Atomic Weight

• Bonding Radius

• Atomic Radius

• Ionization Potential

• Electronegativity

• Density

• Melting Point

• Boiling Point

• Heat of Vaporization

• Heat of Fusion

• Electrical Conductivity

• Thermal Conductivity

• Specific Heat Capacity

• Group

• Electron Configuration

• Number of Isotopes

• Polarizability


• Acid - Equivalent Mass

• Acid - Equivalent Weight

• Calcium Estimation - Permanganometric Titration

• Chloride as Sodium Chloride Titration

• Crude Fibre Estimation

• Crude Protein Estimation (Micro-Kjeldahl Distillation Method)

• Dilution of Solutions

• Double Decomposition

• Enthalpy

• Entropy

• Ether Extract

• Fatty Acid

• Hydrogen Ion Concentration

• Liquid Phase Diffusion Coefficient

• Metal Weight

• Molar Mass of Gas

• Molarity

• Osmotic Pressure

• Oxidising/Reducing Agents - Equivalent Weight

• Oxygen - Equivalent Weight

• Sand Silica Estimation

• Soluble Protein - Kjeldhal Method

• Avogadro's Number

• Boyle's Law

• Charles' Law

• Combined Gas Law

• Gay-Lussac's Law

• Henderson Hasselbalch Equation

• Ideal Gas Law


• Acid-Base Indicators

• Acids/Bases - Chemical Table

• Activity Series of Metals

• Alloys

• Chemical Names (Common Substances)

• Chemicals used to Melt Ice

• Common Anions

• Common Cations

• Common Oxoacid Compounds

• Common Standard Reduction Potentials

• Constants Table

• Drugs from Plants

• Firework Colorants Table

• Flame Test Colors

• Glass Pigments

• Heat of Formation Table

• Isotope Half Life Table

• Ka of Weak Acids

• Laws of Chemistry

• Molecular Weight (Common Chemical Compound)

• pKa Table of Amino Acids

• PolyAtomic Ions

• Single Bond Energies Table

• Solubility Product Constants at 25 Degrees Celsius

• Valences of the Elements

Key Features:

• Calculated values, results and chemical data could be shared to social media, mail, messages and different sharing apps.

• Dynamic Periodic Table with accurate data and nice presentation.

• Pleasant presentation of References and Tables with accurate info.

• Clear display of formulation for calculations.

• Automatic calculation of values primarily based on inputs.

• Professional user interface.

• Available in English, Français, Español, Italiano, Deutsch, Português Nederlands.

A Complete Chemistry Reference Dictionary

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