123 Numbers Activity for Children | Kids Counting

123 Numbers Activity for Children | Kids Counting

By Preschool Kindergarten Games for Kids & Toddlers

123 Numbers Activity for Children | Kids Counting123 Numbers Activity for Children | Kids Counting123 Numbers Activity for Children | Kids Counting123 Numbers Activity for Children | Kids Counting123 Numbers Activity for Children | Kids Counting123 Numbers Activity for Children | Kids Counting123 Numbers Activity for Children | Kids Counting

5 Number recognition activities bundled in a single app for kindergarten kids

Among many first things we attempt to educate our youngsters is the recognition of basic numbers.

Kindergarten and early grade teachers adapt many strategies and practices that embrace small interactive workouts within the form of video games. These exercises indirectly shops info within the children’s sub-conscious mind that helps them bear in mind the basic shapes of numbers.

Preschool Montessori grade lecturers adapt many strategies for youths to memorize them the fundamental numbers and counting.

We’ve mixed the confirmed 5 Number recognition activities bundled in one app so the kindergarten teachers and oldsters may help their toddlers to acknowledge the numbers. The app is wealthy in options and contains interactive workouts that helps the children to involve within the learning process.

There are 5 Number recognition actions, each has a number of levels that increased / decreased as per the child’s progress along with Numbers Flashcards and Numbers music.

Touch the Number

Touch Count Ladybugs

Count the Objects

Drag Match Numbers

Numbers Flashcards

Additionally Numbers Song can be provided

1) Touch the Number

Touch the Number is an easy exercise that displays 3 numbers and asks the children to touch the correct one. Upon 5 consecutive appropriate makes an attempt, the level will increase and the kid has to choose from extra and greater numbers.

The app’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) is designed rigorously after repeatedly training and and observing behavior amongst many children.

With a very few days common follow of this app can easily take away all the remaining glitches regarding numbers.

This activity is for the children aged between 2-5 - 5 years old kids

2) Touch Count Ladybugs

This app is designed to be work within the kids’ sub-conscious thoughts.

The major idea is that object appear on the display screen in a sequence and the children contact them and the objects are replaced with the Number. Starting with just 1 object, the extent of activity increases and the children touch the objects with nice interest. This activity caters for the youngsters aged between 1.5 - 3 years.

By training this exercise, the child’s brain routinely memorize the counting sub-consciously.

3 ) Count the Objects

This exercise exercise is extra like a small quiz to the kids who have already identified a little bit of numbers and memorized their shapes. Random variety of objects are shown in the display and some choices are offered. The child faucet the proper reply and the extent of issue will increase progressively. This activity is specifically designed for the kids aged 3 - 5 years.

4) Drag Match Numbers

It is a simple activity that gives similar numbers to pull and match. Starting from 2 pairs of numbers, the activity increase in issue as the child progresses via. The app encourages the children and motivates to attempt extra. Its all the time a enjoyable activity for kids to tug and match the objects.

5) Numbers Flashcards

Study reveals that the children grasps data long before they starts to talk. Numbers Flashcards are offered for 0.8 - 2.5 years age group youngsters.

-- Numbers Song

Its a wonderful melodious song that keeps the youngsters interest. Kids play the song repeatedly and consequently they bear in mind the essential counting 0 - 20 with the assistance of spaced-repetition technique.

This exercise is useful for the kids aged 1.5 - 3.5 years previous.

The app is supplied completely Free but accommodates Kids-Safe ads. However it is strongly recommended that you apply the ads-free apps to help your kids to learn. You can purchase to take away the adverts within the app itself.

We at Kindergarten Educationist have a team of educated certified academics onboard to consult and proof-read the apps' content for the optimum quality assurance. Our apps are supplied free to download for analysis.

There is a great effort put in to provide this app. Kindly take a moment to write down a small evaluation. Your encouragement helps us to provide better apps.

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