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german plus

By Oleg Kuznetsov

german plusgerman plusgerman plusgerman plusgerman plus

Attention, this is a separate application! It differs from the free version in that there are MORE dictionaries and NO ads. Also notice that your study statistics in the free model can be transferred to the paid model via Menu - My progress (save and then, respectively, load from a file).

The German Plus application consists of 9 sections:

Theory - a section with transient instructions for working with the application, as nicely as small classes to help beginners study German.

Learn phrases - a section for memorizing German words. Context phrases assist to current a three-dimensional image and improve the memorization of a brand new word.

Write phrases - a bit for working towards the spelling of German phrases (spelling).

Composing phrases - a bit for working towards sentence building (syntax) .

Listening is a section for training understanding of German words and phrases of the context by ear.

Dictation is a section for practicing spelling of German sentences and listening to textual content.

Pronunciation - a bit for practicing the pronunciation of German words.

Tests - a piece for testing data of the German language by finishing particular tasks.

Games - a bit for consolidating acquired knowledge and gaining new expertise within the game kind.

All training is predicated on duties, throughout which the consumer receives gold stars. When typing 3 stars, the component of the dictionary is considered discovered. At the same time, German words and phrases are pronounced by the built-in speech synthesizer (controlled utilizing the system settings of your Android).

For more information on working with the appliance, see the Menu-Help of the corresponding section.

at present the application consists of:

50 pronouns;

50 fundamental verbs within the infinitive;

four hundred most common words;

133 numerals;

250 phrases for beginners;

300 phrases from workouts;

50 proverbs.

What is essential, every person has the chance to create their very own dictionaries and checks on matters of curiosity to him personally and add them to the applying. Or use the obtain of extra dictionaries from the public database on the developer's web site.

And one more piece of advice: be sure to say the context phrase aloud! When an individual instantly tries to talk aloud in a foreign language, the assimilation of the fabric happens several times quicker than ordinary ... Then sometimes you yourself are stunned how these phrases pop up in your memory)

I wish everyone a profitable download of the application and success in development!

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