Music School:Interval chords

Music School:Interval chords

By Gamya

Music School:Interval chordsMusic School:Interval chordsMusic School:Interval chordsMusic School:Interval chordsMusic School:Interval chords

Do you play guitar, piano or any type of music instrument? Tired of boring practice?

Learn to play any instrument and tips on how to read music is a troublesome process that requires lots of practice. But the practice don't need to be boring. Music school it is the perfect tool for your music training. This music game teaches you music principle in a fun and straightforward way. It's like having a music college in your gadget.

In this app, you may be taught and grasp all the music intervals and chords. If you practice enough, you will know all the notes contained in a chord instantly, a should for each musician! This app includes the definition for each music concept launched in increasing problem, from newbie to pro.


• Simple and understandable clarification for every new music rhythm concept introduced.

• Fun sport expertise for practicing the workouts that can teach you basic skills every musician ought to know.

• Gradual development on the difficulty of the music principle ideas launched.

• Leader-board with the scores acquired to look at your progress.

• Can be utilized by any variety of different customers.

• A new and fun way to apply on your instrument: Piano, violin, guitar.

Lessons include:

★ Perfect fifth intervals.

★ Major third intervals.

★ Minor 3rd intervals.

★ Major seventh intervals.

★ Minor seventh intervals.

★ Major triads.

★ Minor triads.

★ Major seventh chords.

★ Minor 7th chords.

★ Dominant seventh chords.

★ And more levels coming soon...

Translated to:

* English: Music school

* Español: Acordes y solfeo.

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