Muslim supplications and remembrances with audio

Muslim supplications and remembrances with audio

By I-studio

Muslim supplications and remembrances with audioMuslim supplications and remembrances with audioMuslim supplications and remembrances with audioMuslim supplications and remembrances with audioMuslim supplications and remembrances with audio

The program includes Fortress of the Muslim from the dhikr and supplications quoted from the Prophetic Sunnah with the words of the master of creation, upon him be the best prayer and peace

One of one of the best purposes in Android gadgets, it includes

Morning Remembrances

Evening Remembrances

Sleep Remembrances

Supplication for Istikharah

Remembrances of Prayer

Remembrances of Ablution

Dua Remembrances Traveling

Dua for leaving the house

Dua for entering the house

Dua for going to the mosque

Remembrance of waking up

Dua for making up debt

Dua of grief

Dua of ablution

Dua of prayer

Dua of worry

Doua Islam Free App It is straightforward to make use of, of excessive quality and design. It accommodates the various remembrances that a Muslim needs during his day from morning to bed, taken from the hadiths of the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, in order to pray to God Almighty and seek His mercy. God Almighty legislated it for His servants, and the Prophet, could God bless him and grant him peace, made it clear to his ummah: The Remembrance of God Almighty, which includes all the supplications and adhkaar (adkar muslim) that were confirmed about him, could God’s prayers and peace be upon him, to be performed by the Muslim at night and day, his time and travels, his well being, his well being and his well being. Each of its affairs

The dhikr (dhikr islam) isn't intended solely for the aim of immunization!! Remembrances in and of themselves make you one of the remembrances, and the grasp of in search of forgiveness is an escape from Hellfire and a reason to enter Paradise

Many features have been added to this system to have the ability to entry the remembrances and dua Muslim simply, and some of these advantages

Remembrances and The supplications contained in the Fortress of the Muslim

All the supplications of the Muslim that he needs in his day by day life

The supplications in writing for ease of follow-up by the reader

All the supplications are tuned with sound

The capacity to ship dhikr to your folks via e-mail, SMS, or by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or some other program for transmission

The possibility of contributing to the dissemination of a program of supplications (Douaa mp3)

Possibility to work Application on cellphones that do not support Arabic

All morning remembrances do3aa muslim Islamic ruqyah, remembrances for sleeping and supplications for going to the mosque

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