WordUp - Learn English Words

WordUp - Learn English Words

By Geeks Ltd

WordUp - Learn English WordsWordUp - Learn English WordsWordUp - Learn English WordsWordUp - Learn English WordsWordUp - Learn English Words

WordUp is not one other dictionary app although it may be used as an English dictionary. WordUp is probably the most efficient way to be taught English words and perceive them deeply, with a scientific language learning technique and, entertaining examples from YouTube, Word footage, well-known quotes, information, and more. WordUp is in distinction to any vocabulary builder app you have seen before!

Here at WordUp, we all know that nobody is conscious of each English word within the dictionary, including you...and that’s completely fine! But how good wouldn't it really feel knowing that you realize most if not the entire important and extra frequently used words?

WordUp's revolutionary approach to language learning and expanding your vocabulary will leave you feeling confident in any situation. Whether you're native English speaker or your English just needs some work, the WordUp app can identify which essential English phrases you do not know and will give you fun and engaging tools to learn them. With translations in more than 30 languages together with French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, ...

Our scientifically proven strategies of memorising are integrated into daily life with chrome extension to teach you worthwhile and regularly used words in addition to give consideration to one word at a time, aiding long term retention and focus solely on you and your progress.

It works based mostly on 4 simple steps:

1. Assess your English language knowledge

2. Discover which words you don't know

3. Learn, evaluation and practice English phrases so as of importance

4. Learn the language by setting a goal and everyday monitor of your progress

WordUp could be utilised by everybody and there are heaps of the reason why, below are some examples how:

- Native English audio system - to generally improve your vocabulary and information of words

- Non native English audio system - to learn english from scratch and increase your horizons

- English lecturers - a classroom software or type of AFL

- Employer - a method to enhance communication skills at work

- Government officers - standardize language expertise, no matter role or department

- Students - to assist IELTS prep or TOEFL exam

How can WordUp profit you:

- Develop your 4 language skills, listening, speaking, writing, and reading, within the English Language

- Improve your common high quality of life

- Optimize profession opportunities and widen job searches

- Allow you to have interaction more comfortably in intellectual conversations

- Expand your vocabulary in a fun and fascinating way

- Strengthen the communication and bond in a relationship formed with a -language barrier (break language barriers)

- Allow you to show household and pals the best talent, communication