Ray Optics

Ray Optics

By Shakti Malik

Ray OpticsRay OpticsRay OpticsRay Optics

This is Free model of app Ray Optics Pro.

Ray Optics is a complete simulator and solver for Geometrical optics.

Key Features :-

1) Simulate any ray optics downside.

2) Complete ray diagram

3) Final Image place, height and magnification.

4) Compete step by step answer in nice element. This method you simply do not get the ultimate answer but additionally perceive all steps to get that answer. (In Pro Version only)

5) Pinch zoom

6) Save screen-shot

Pro model has following Additional features

1) Step by step answer on your Ray Optics issues.

2) See step-by-step solution. You can even Email or save it to your SD card.

3) In future all new features might be out there on this model solely.

You can move lens/mirrors by dragging them and see ray diagram and image position in real time.

This will assist you to to have a clear visualization of Ray Optics ideas.

Also the detailed resolution will help you to know Ray Optics fundamentals and formulation required to resolve any problem.

You can also perceive concepts of reflection and refraction and their implication in real time.

This will be equally helpful for students learning Geometrical Optics and lecturers educating this subject.

And all other individuals in love with Physics :)

All Features:

- Geometric optics solver and simulator

- Refraction and reflection with full ray diagram support

- Editable object, lens and mirror properties

Support for

Concave and convex lenses

Concave and convex and Plane mirrors

Glass slabs

- Formation of Virtual and actual images

- Under advanced mode, you presumably can even shift principal axis of lens and mirrors. ( for actual geeks :D)

GUI Features

- Dragging origin : you probably can drag round origin.

- Pinch Zoom

- Save screenshot

- See complete resolution for problem.

* Based on thin lens equation


How to Use:

1) Adding Elements

Click on corresponding button to add that component. This way the component with default parameter might be added.

2) To Modify an Element

Press on component and EditPanel will appear on display showing present parameters. Now any parameter can be edited by corresponding textFied.

Pressing on delete button (present in bottom proper corner) will delete selected element.

3) See Solution

Press on resolution button ( present subsequent to assist button in top-right nook ).

3) To delete all components, press Clear from menu.


I will keep on bettering it. Suggestions/Comments are invited.

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