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Stories Emotions

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Stories EmotionsStories EmotionsStories EmotionsStories EmotionsStories Emotions

Collection of 6 illustrated stories for kids to be taught to manage their feelings and improve their studying skills. Text and audio in Spanish, Catalan and English.

Recognizing and understanding tips on how to express emotions and emotions is essential for the event of children. Around a narrative during which Ana or Javier go through some kind of adventure, they will acknowledge, study and put into practice all types of emotions and emotions. In addition, studying comprehension workout routines are included to help them develop their reading expertise in Spanish, English and Catalan.

This collection of six stories presents the emotions and feelings that we expertise in the face of the death of a loved one, anger when we get offended, pleasure if we are happy, unhappiness in an abnormal state of affairs, worry of the dark and worry once we can't remedy an issue. Each story ends with reflection materials in order that youngsters can understand and specific the emotion of the story.

In addition, each story consists of six interactive workout routines designed to assess and follow the reading comprehension of the students of the primary grades of major education. The tales even have an audio version. You can activate the narration of the texts page by web page, narrated by native speakers in Spanish, Catalan and English.


• Download the app, and as a present you can read and solve the games from the first story.

• Buy the remainder of the tales one by one, or get the entire collection at a spectacular discount.

Stories obtainable:


My invisible friend

• Ana is suffering, her grandmother has died and she or he has turned black and white. Aided by her invisible good friend, Ana's sorrow will be combined with the nice recollections she has of her grandmother.


The supersonic superheroine

• Ana wakes up in the midst of the evening crying and says that she has dreamed of a very massive monster that was coming. The supersonic superheroine who's close pals with Ana makes the monster disappear from her evening's dream.


The sandbags

• Ana he spoils the treasure box and has to carry the sack of disappointment all day. Over time the bag turns into smaller and Ana learns that sadness comes after which goes.


The gray cloud

• Ana has left out for a walk together with his canine Flip and now he has disappeared, they can not discover him anywhere. Ana has a grey cloud above her head; She is nervous. When she finds her dog Flip, this sense will disappear.


The dragon tail

• When Javier will get indignant, he stamps together with his ft on the floor and mistreats his toys. He is very angry. Javier's toys are very unhappy and can gradually make him neglect and perceive the anger he feels.


The colored stars

• Ana and Javier are going to play within the park they usually have a nice time. They snort and are very joyful. In the park there are kids who aren't so pleased. Ana and Javier get the children to recognize these nice feelings.

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