Keum Kang-kyung - Dr. Baek Baek-wook

Keum Kang-kyung - Dr. Baek Baek-wook

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Keum Kang-kyung - Dr. Baek Baek-wookKeum Kang-kyung - Dr. Baek Baek-wook

Read the Maitreya Buddha (彌勒尊如來buddha) along with your heart and take heed to it together with your ears, and practice dedicating whatever you suppose to the Buddha. If you maintain it, it becomes a disease, and if you hold it in, it explodes. This is recognized as “the spirit of surrender” of those who practice this. Read the Geumgangsutra morning and evening, however consider in listening to the lectures in entrance of the Buddha and practice them in order that it turns into a habit. Keep your body transferring frequently and by no means let your thoughts sit still. In this manner, if you repeat 100 days (百日) as a diary (一期) about 10 instances, you will get a way of fate and know the fate of others. Shall we call this the pedigree of fundamental Buddhism? What you want to take notice of is greed if you examine, sincerity should you say why you aren't learning, and sincerity when you research well. Because it's mentioned that the deceased is old, it is said that Saga side-myeon is irreversible.


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