Speedy English Grammar Practice: Fun ESL Exercises

Speedy English Grammar Practice: Fun ESL Exercises

By Wobble Monkey English

Speedy English Grammar Practice: Fun ESL ExercisesSpeedy English Grammar Practice: Fun ESL ExercisesSpeedy English Grammar Practice: Fun ESL ExercisesSpeedy English Grammar Practice: Fun ESL ExercisesSpeedy English Grammar Practice: Fun ESL Exercises

Link sentences, smash words and learn English grammar with our unique and exciting studying method! Play video games with classes that expand your vocabulary and improve your listening and speaking expertise.

This English grammar coach and vocabulary builder accommodates over 200 easy lessons, grammar workout routines and follow video games which are appropriate for ESL novices, basic stage students and intermediate stage learners (A1, A2 and B1). It additionally features a simple color-coded grammar guide, listening workout routines and challenge video games, which can test your English knowledge. Learn and increase your British or American English vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. It will educate you the syntax skills you want for conversation, in your ESL courses or for IELTS and TOEIC take a look at preparation. Use the clear and simplified e-book for quick ideas. Learn by yourself and practice the sentence patterns and vocabulary that you should get speaking. This studying technique is quick, enjoyable and effective!

Beginner, primary and elementary language degree (A1 and A2) contains:

* Present simple tense - the verb to be and other verbs

* Past simple tense - regular verbs and irregular verb conjugation

* Articles, pronouns and possessives

* Singular and plural forms

* Positive and unfavorable phrases

* Question types and short answers

* Demonstrative pronouns

* Determiners and conjunctions

* Present continuous/progressive tense

* Basic adjectives and adverbs

* Comparatives and superlatives

* Future

* Imperative

* Present perfect tense - regular verbs and irregular verb conjugation

* Basic time phrases and phrases and using completely different tenses

* And more

Intermediate language stage (B1) consists of:

* Prepositions

* Past steady tense

* Action verbs vs state verbs

* Conditional Tenses

* The passive voice

* Relative Clauses

* Prefixes and suffixes

* And a lot more

Other options:

* The app contains an irregular verb conjugation coach.

* A complete section is dedicated to suffixes (which is very useful for TOEIC and IELTS test preparation) to coach and allow you to recognise noun, verb and adjective forms.

* The grammar reference guide includes a record of irregular verbs and has very simple color-coded grammar explanations and real world examples of that grammar in use.

* For every learning stage (A1 A2 and B1) there are challenge video games which check your language skills for the entire level.

* Each chapter has listening apply (also helpful for TOEIC and IELTS check preparation).

* Choose whether or not you need to learn American or British English vocabulary and pronunciation.

* Play quite a lot of interactive video games which are designed to program your brain shortly and hold you motivated.

* The trainer offers you ideas whenever you make mistakes. the training method fixes errors instantly.

* This app is appropriate for ESL beginners (A1), primary level students (A2) and intermediate English learners (B1). It is appropriate for adults and kids.

* Use it in school, college, at home, on English as a Second Language (ESL) conversation programs, or as a complement for TOEIC and IELTS preparation courses.

* Learn the words and vocabulary that glue sentences collectively and are important for talking and conversation.

* Practice with unlimited example questions that present using grammar constructions in actual world conversations.

* The lessons are split into small bite-sized classes for fast every day practice periods. Keep going when you wish!

* The course has been carefully designed by experienced British English lecturers.

Improve your speaking skills! We advise that you simply listen carefully and speak the words as you play. It will allow you to increase and remember vocabulary and improve the talents you need for dialog.

Our mission is to make learning English grammar enjoyable for everyone. Download now and be taught fast with essentially the most exciting ESL studying technique vocabulary builder ever!