Morse code - learn and play - Premium

Morse code - learn and play - Premium

By LimesDevelopment

Morse code - learn and play - PremiumMorse code - learn and play - PremiumMorse code - learn and play - PremiumMorse code - learn and play - PremiumMorse code - learn and play - Premium

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Available settings:

- Any mixture of letters, numbers, punctuation, particular characters (in totally different language)

- Include / exclude single characters from learning

- Frequency range (390 - 890Hz)

- Speed (2 wpm - forty two wpm)

- Dash / dot ratio

- Change the place of dot / sprint enter buttons

- Spacing between elements of the same letter (spacing between dots or dashes)

- Letter Spacing (Space between letters)

- Word Spacing (Space between words)

- Learn Morse Code with completely different modes of studying, using the letter frequency and spaced repetition that can help you learn.

- Customize your enter, select between tapping to simulate the real telegraph machine, or use buttons to enter your code!

- Flash, vibrate, beep or load information for your morse code

Learning modes:

- Learn mode introduces new letters one by one, beginning with more frequent ones

- Track your statistics for every letter

- Use a number of selection or short reply studying modes to boost your learning experience

- Recognize letter plays a sound, after which you want to guess the correct letter.

- Recognize words performs a sound, after which you should guess the proper word.

- Words mode helps you learn from 10,000 most typical words in English

- Use the code translator to translate morse code to textual content, or text to morse code.

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