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Ideal Physics

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Ideal PhysicsIdeal PhysicsIdeal PhysicsIdeal PhysicsIdeal Physics

Ideal Physics is the right examine buddy app for any physics or engineering college scholar. This app offers you the instruments you should increase your understanding of the bodily sciences. Its simple navigation lets you shortly find and delve into a selected topic area, starting from astrophysics to quantum mechanics. Each topic space contains key equations, notes, illustrative pictures, follow issues with solutions, and step-by-step solutions. These follow issues will present the inspiration for exceling at homework and upcoming exams.


- 30 particular topic areas containing notes, equations, and descriptive images

- Over sixty five practice problems with answers and step-by-step solutions

- Easy navigation

- Additional Useful Tools section masking bodily constants, unit conversions, and mathematics



- Observations

- Celestial Mechanics

- The Solar System

Electricity Magnetism

- Electrostatics

- Direct-Current Circuits

- Magnetism

- Alternating-Current Circuits

- Electrodynamics


- Motion

- Forces

- Work and Energy

- Momentum

Modern Physics

- Relativity

- Light Quantization

- Matter Waves

Optics and Waves

- Oscillations

- Waves

- Light Waves

- Geometric Optics

- Interference

- Diffraction

Quantum Mechanics

- The Wave Function

- Schrodinger's Equation

- Angular Momentum Spin

- The Hydrogen Atom


- Ideal Gas

- Heat

- The Second Law

- Thermodynamic Processes


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